Designer Heels for Women- Traditional Craftsmanship & Timeless Design

At KLUDEE, a London-based footwear brand based in London, we only produce small batches of shoes and use ethically sourced and sustainable-conscious raw materials. That helps us to reduce the environmental impact and carbon print of our footwear production.

Here you can discover designer high heels shoes for women where traditional craftsmanship meets elegant yet modern designs.
Our designer women's footwear are all made with Italian leather and silky smooth Italian suede.

Phot. Filip Plaskowski for Kludee, London

All collections at KLUDEE footwear are hand-made by family-owned manufacturers that we work with directly, being part of every step of the production process. That way, we can support local, footwear makers and their businesses, continuing the essence of traditional footwear craftsmanship.

Our brand’s philosophy is to design and make timeless pieces that are not defined by season or trends. Our knee-high and ankle boots are unique, simple yet elegant. Simply, heels that every woman can wear with her casual and out-of-office outfits feeling confident, elegant and most importantly comfortable.