Our promise of


All the materials and elements are personally picked and ethically sourced from Europe by our designers.

We visit our suppliers and manufacturers making sure our components are produced ethically.

Each Kludee footwear is handcrafted by the family-owned manufacturer in Poland where we are supporting traditional footwear makers.

Our promise of

conscious design

Our footwear is made with natural materials that require constant research and innovation that we implement in all Kludee designs.

We are combining traditional craft and form with cutting edge hand-made, sustainable elements to bring a modern touch to every collection.

We work on creating more fluid collections not defined by season, limiting production waste and carbon footprint.  

Our promise of

PASSION in every step

We are a family-owned brand and we are part of every step, from drawing and designing to developing and production.

In every collection, you will find the essence of Kludee London represented in our timeless combinations, accented with a passion for unique detailing. 

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