To make sure you can enjoy our shoes for years, we recommend to apply few rules to maintain them. 

Please make sure you :

- Invest in our cleaning products and protect your new shoes  by spraying a protective layer onto dry ,clean material before you use them. This will form an invisible and breathable protective coating that repeals water and stains. Read product label carefully prior to use.


The suede leathers are among the most sensitive. Extreme care must be taken, particularly with water or rain as the colour may fade or stain.

- Avoiding rubbing the shoes with rough or abrasive cleaning materials. 

-If you get your suede or nubuck shoes dirty or they get in contact with water it is best to wait until dry before cleaning. To preserve the soft texture of these leathers, gently rub with a soft shoe brush to limit tendency to louse texture and colour over time. However, this cannot be completely eliminated over time.


- Our uppers are natural 100% leather personally sourced from best suppliers and tanneries in Italy and Turkey. Depending on the particular characteristics of each material, your shoes must be cared for in a particular way.

- For leather shoes, try cleaning them with clean, soft and dampened cloth.

-You can also, apply a shoe paste to polish and cover any marks occurring through time.

Kludee shoes should be handled with care and stored in their original box to avoid any damage.